Tony Naccarato


Tony Naccarato

I’m a product designer that follows a user-centered design process to better understand real users—their needs, experiences, and motivations. I approach design from a user-perspective and balance users’ needs alongside business goals and technical capabilities. I work closely with product managers and developers to determine the necessary features and drive the design of products. I have experience conducting user research, extracting requirements, designing an interaction framework, iterating, and presenting ideas to development and management.

“He cares greatly about the users need and has the tools to be able to understand those needs and design awesome solutions to those needs.”

– Joshua Tolman, Senior Product Manager

When I’m not designing I love being with my wife and four kids. I enjoy the concerts and sporting events that all my children are involved with. I love to travel and experience different cultures. Currently based in Salt Lake City, Utah.

If you’d like to see my work history, you can check out my LinkedIn profile.

What I do

User researcher

Contextual observation, user interviews, user surveys, process life cycle, user journey mapping, opportunity workshop, personas.


Clickable workflows, interactive animations, HTML/CSS/JavaScript.

Interaction designer

Workflows, wireframes, whiteboard sessions, task flow diagrams, development lingo, animations.

Visual designer

Overall layout, typography, patterns, iconography, microInteractions, color palettes.


Help others learn the ways of the human-centered design.

“Tony’s attention to detail, and care for what he is creating always shines, and his collaborative and thoughtful way of working creates psychological safety for his team to do their best work.”

– Mariah Hay, Vice President of Product at Pluralsight