Tony Naccarato

Digital Asset Management

Company: AtTask (now Workfront) • Role: Lead UX Designer

The problem

AtTask is a complex enterprise project management application. Companies that use this system want it to be the centralized place for all the projects they are working on, including all their documents. Through our discovery process with clients, we realized that most of them already utilized 3rd party services like Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, etc. to store their files. Even though our system had file storage and management these companies still wanted the ease of using their current services.

The process

The feature we built helped the user easily know where to go to connect and authenticate their 3rd party service. Once the service was connected, the user was able to navigate to their file and connect it to the project. Within the feature, there were also ways to upload files from the computer by drag-and-drop or even copy and paste.

Because of the complex nature of the system, we did many rounds of testing and iterating to find the best workflow and solution. The product manager and I did video calls with users to test the designs. I was responsible for creating the workflow and design and getting them ready for testing. We used InVision to create a high-fidelity walk through of the designs. This allowed us to give real scenarios to the user and see if they could complete the tasks we had.

Our thinking going into the testing was that the users would want to get their 3rd party accounts set up before working on any projects. Or that someone else would set this up for them so it would be ready to use. Our big takeaway was the average user was the one setting this up and we needed to allow them to connect and authenticate while they were in the process of adding a file to the project. By watching the users struggle with the setup of their accounts was a helped us discover the best solution and workflow.

From the data we got from user testing we were able to iterate on the designs and continue testing until we felf confident that we had the experience right.

I created user stories and matched those up with the designs to easily communicate the needs to our development team and continued to work closely with them as they built the product.