Tony Naccarato

Movie Posters (For Sale)

Movie posters with a uplifting twist

I recently added a theater room to my home and wanted to add some movie decor but didn’t want to add the go-to movie posters that you always see. As a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and being Christian I love surrounding myself with uplifting and inspiring messages. I also love movies and sometimes you get movie quotes that can really have an impactful message about life and also relate to Christianity.

I started thinking why don’t I combine the two and create some custom pieces that I can use to decorate. After a few months of collecting quotes and some design iterations, I finally came up with the first three posters.

For Sale

I currently have a limited run of 5” x 7” postcards printed. If you are interested in purchasing a set, please contact me.

5” x 7” set of 3 $6.00 with free shipping

16” x 20” single poster $20.00 with free shipping

16” x 20” set of 3 $50.00 with free shipping

If you need a different size, contact me and I can get you a quote.


Star Wars Poster

Darkness rises and light to meet it

“As we intensify our faith in Christ, we receive light until it dispels all darkness that might gather around us.”

The Hobbit Poster

There and back again

“The Savior invites us to set aside our comforts and securities and join Him on the journey of discipleship…our own great adventure of “there and back again.”

The Lion King Poster

Look beyond what you see

“As we learn to become inheritors of all our Father has, the gospel mentors us to look beyond what we see.”