Tony Naccarato


Company: Shootipedia • Role: Product Designer

Project Description

Shootipedia is the community-driven app that allows you to browse, find, rate, share, and submit the perfect location for photography shoots. Powered by professional and amateur photographers alike Shootipedia keeps getting better as the community grows.

I had the chance to work with a great developer on this application. The main code structure of the app was already created but was based off a form suitable for a desktop app but not a mobile app. The main focus of the project was to make it more mobile friendly and easier to find or submit a location for photo shoots. Other problems we had to address was the content was added by user contribution so the design had to be flexible enough to have no content or a lot of content.


I started by gathering all the feedback that the developer had gotten from the users of the app as well as familiarizing myself with business needs and requirements. I started by doing some simple workflows and wireframes to make sure everything was accounted for. When I moved into the visual design of the app where we validated the design with a few users and made some changes based on the performance of the app.

Because there was already a released version of the app, we decided to roll this new version out to the app store and let the community that was already using it test it out for us. There was a great reception to the new experience and we were able to get some great feedback from the users.


Because this app relies on the user to create the content, one of the biggest challenges was getting enough quality content to make it worthwhile for others to use. To account for this, the developer was able to incorporate APIs from Flickr on popular spots that users had taken and allowed the results to show up within the app.

Another challenge was getting the word out and allowing the users to share the locations they had entered. To account for this, we added the ability to share the locations on Twitter and Facebook.