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Course Management

Lead Product Designer


Define & Research

As we started working on the course production tool for editors (internal users) and our course authors, we discovered that we could create a few quick wins to help ease the pain points for our editors. This was helping with importing data when our course authors send in a proposal for a course. The editors have to manually enter the information into two separate systems and then they don't have an overview of the course that was submitted.

Based on our research, we found that the editors require a workflow that processes the proposal document, extracts the information, and presents it to them for review or editing. This system enables the editors to track the progress of each course as it goes through various stages until it is published.

User interview insights.
User interview insights.

Analysis & Planning

After creating some quick wireframes and sketches of the feature, we were able to identify some important features that were initially overlooked. These features include a view for the manager to see all the editors and the courses they are working on, tags to quickly identify courses that may not be completed by the deadline, and the total number of courses and modules as it relates to the selection of editors.

By utilizing the gathered information, we were able to further develop and improve our user stories, engage in ongoing discussions with our engineering team, and establish clear milestones to successfully implement this new feature.

User Stories

User stories created from the user interviews.

Final Designs

A closeup of the course progress management tool.

Impact & results

My approach focuses on practical outcomes. I set clear goals based on user feedback and measure feature success in real-world use. This allows for continuous improvement and designs that effectively meet user needs.

How will we know if it's successful?

  • Being an internal tool we were able to have weekly follow up sessions on the impact of the feature. We could quickly iterate to make the feature better which allowed for better adoption.
  • All editors using this tool within 2 weeks of release and not having to rely on spreadsheets, Asana, or Trello.
  • Getting praised at least once each week during our follow up meetings with the editors for creating a tool specifically for them.