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Design Leader & User Experience Designer

With over 18 years of experience as a creative designer in industries such as technology, fintech, education, marketing, and ecommerce. Throughout my career, I have been successful in creating visually appealing and efficient designs for clients.

Currently, I'm the VP of Product Design at Everee, a startup based in Salt Lake City. As the leader of the design team, I assist in maintaining consistency within our app and encourage the team to be creative and innovative, all while prioritizing the user. I bridge the gap between executive-level requirements and user needs. I have played a pivotal role in developing new products that fulfill customer requirements. My expertise in user-centered design has significantly contributed to the delivery of innovative solutions by the company.


Here is some of my recent design work. You're welcome to check out my complete portfolio.

“Tony's attention to detail, and care for what he is creating always shines, and his collaborative and thoughtful way of working creates psychological safety for his team to do their best work.”

Bridging User Needs, Business Goals, and Technical Expertise in Design.

My design approach is centered around the user, taking into consideration their needs, as well as the business goals and technical capabilities. I work closely with product managers and developers to determine the required features and drive product design. My skills in user research, requirement extraction, interaction framework design, iteration, and presenting ideas to development and management have proven to be valuable.

Tony Naccarato conducting a user testing session.
Tony Naccarato conducting a user testing session.


If you want to learn more about my experience, feel free to visit my LinkedIn profile. You'll find my resume there, which provides a detailed understanding of my professional background.

VP of Product Design

Principal Product Designer

Senior Product Designer

Senior User Experience Designer

UX Academy Mentor

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DesignLab Mentor

As a design leader, I've had the privilege of mentoring aspiring user experience and UI designers for the past 5 years through the DesignLab platform. Guiding them through their educational journey and coursework has been a rewarding experience, but my commitment doesn't end there. I continue to support and assist many of these talented individuals even after our formal mentorship has concluded. You can learn more about DesignLab and my involvement in nurturing emerging design talent by visiting my DesignLab profile.

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I would be happy to share my experience or visit DesignLab where you can speak with admissions or attend a free open house Q&A.

“Tony met me where I was at. His perspective grounded me when I needed re-direction or encouragement. He had a well-balanced approach to guidance in pinpointing areas of growth/focus and allowing me to find my own answers.”