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Custom Document Signing

Lead Product Designer


Business Goals

When companies hire new employees, there are many standard and sometimes customized documents that must be signed. By integrating this process into the onboarding procedure for a user, the employer can streamline the onboarding process and minimize the time and steps required to onboard a new employee.

Research Process & Findings

Who uses it, and for what?

We considered integrating with a third-party service to enable signatures on custom documents. However, the cost and hassle of integration were equal to the time required to develop our solution.

Our goal was to create a seamless process for the company admin to upload documents and send them through the Everee platform to each worker and require signatures. They would also be able to require new hires during the onboarding process to view and sign the document. The admin would need to view the status of the progress and send reminders to employees who have not yet signed the document.

To ensure that the workers can view and sign the documents, it was necessary to provide them with easy access to the documents at any point in the future.

User Stories

To ensure all actions for the personas were captured, user stories, scenarios, and pages to be designed were identified.

A feature to allow companies to include custom documents for workers to sign.

Final Designs

The admin view and settings for the document. A report for the admin to track the signature status.

Impact & results

In gauging the impact and results of each design feature, my approach is driven by tangible, measurable outcomes. I make sure to set clear goals based on user feedback and measure the success of the feature by looking at how it performs in real-world use. By using this method, we can keep improving and perfecting our designs. This helps us create solutions that truly connect with our audience and fulfill their changing requirements.

How will we know if it's successful?

  • 25% of our customers upload a document and require a signature from their workers.
  • 10% of our customers use the custom document with onboarding.
  • Have following up calls with the 5 beta customers to get feedback.