Case Studies

Design Leader, Product Designer, & User Experience Designer

Employee Scheduling


A scheduling app allows companies to easily create and manage staff schedules.

Course Creation


A course creation tool that is easy to use for authors that will streamline t...

Design System (Daily)


Built and managed the design system for Everee.

Employee Onboarding


A feature that would allow any client to embed the Everee onboarding experien...

Custom Document Signing


A feature to allow companies to include custom documents for workers to sign.

Travel Journal

My WayMobile

A travel journal to easily capture the moment and share with loved ones.

Pay Card App


The pay card helps companies unlock the efficiency of rapid payroll while mai...

Custom Form Creator

Workfront (AtTask)Web

A feature to allow users to create custom forms to use within the platform.

Course Management


A feature to help course editors manage their workload.